How to set up Hyperlinks in Design Mode

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Created On: 10 Sep 2008 03:34 PM


The following guide shows you how to set up hyper links (A link from one page to another).

NOTE: It is advised to update your information before following this guide as you may be asked by your browser to “allow pop up’s”

1 – Navigate to the page you require your link to go to and copy the URL from the address bar

2 – Once you have copied this from the address bar access your control panel and navigate to the page you want the link setting up on.

3 – Once you have navigated through to this page drag your cursor over the word you wish to be the link.
4 – Once you have selected the word you wish to be the link click on the insert/edit link button.

5 – Once you have clicked on this button a new window will open titled “Link”

6 – Now that this screen is opened you will need to paste the URL that was copied earlier on into the box headed URL
Note: Remove the http:// from the link you have pasted in the  URL box before continuing

7 – Once you have pasted the URL in to the correct area just click on the OK button and the link will be set up. This can be identified by the word you selected appearing highlighted blue and being underlined.

Simply hit "Update" within the control panel to save your changes and have the selected text now successfully linked to the destination you specified.