Getting Started With Your Freestart Website

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Created On: 25 Feb 2011 02:58 PM


Congratulations on signing up for your new Freestart website. A welcome pack will be on its way through the post shortly with your account, login, and website startup information. You will also receive some information via email if you supplied one when you signed up initially.

This knowledgebase article should assist you both prior and after receiving your welcome pack in how to go about getting started with your website online, covering all vital areas to consider with the construction of the website. Here is a list of pages that would be beneficial to cater for on your website:

Home Page

The home page of your website acts as the door to your website and needs to entice people to check out the rest of your website and needs to give a good first impression to your visitors. It is advisable to summarise your business on the home page allowing your visitors to clearly understand how you operate, what services or products you offer, your opening times, and any other important information people would need to know about you to gain their interest. You can then dedicate individual pages through your website to go into more concise information on certain aspects of your business.

It is also advisable to have your company logo visible on your home page for identification purposes. This is a beneficial factor for any established business to gain customer trust online.

Contact Information

It is vital to ensure your customers can reach you through your website otherwise it would be pointless having one to begin with. You may only decide to advertise your email address or mobile number if you are a private individual (a mobile hairdresser for example), however you can also advertise your premises address if you have one and want to obtain business by allowing your customers to visit you (such as a garage or retail shop for example).

Services/Products Pages

It is beneficial to outline any services or products you offer and you can dedicate these to individual pages of your website for ease of navigation for your customers. If you are a clothes shop owner for example, you can dedicate one page for listing shoes, one page for listing jackets, another page for listing trousers etc. You could even allow your customers to purchase these items through your website.

If you offer more of a service like a builder for example, you can dedicate one page for landscaping, one for roofing, one for extensions etc.

Portfolio Pages

These are a necessity for people such as builders, artists, and photographers. You can showcase a collection of imagery with brief descriptions on a page of your website, or you could even dedicate multiple pages to each topic (for example, a photographer can dedicate one page for weddings, one for portraits, and another one for landscapes).

Testimonials Pages

It is always reassuring to know that you take pride in your business and the services you offer. What better way to show this off than to dedicate an entire page for your customers feedback.

Terms and Conditions

At Freestart, we can provide terms and conditions for the general use of your website. However, chances are you will have your own terms and conditions for your business that need to be visible to your customers through your website. You may decide to dedicate an entire page on your website to this purpose or you could mention these on your home page.

Returns/Refund Policies

Due to the ever-growing nature of e-commerce businesses, it is beneficial to dedicate a page for your returns/refunds policy if you offer any degree of selling through your website.

Links Page

A links page is a good idea to help direct your customers to other websites of interest through your own website. You may decide to use your links page as a way of affiliate linking (linking to other businesses similar to your own) or as a way of linking to brands/products you may deal in or suppliers you deal with.

Postage Information

If you plan on selling items through your website, chances are you may decide to dedicate a page strictly for information on your shipping process including fees involved. This may be useful for your customers to know before they proceed through the order process and potentially back out of the sale when presented with the postage costs at the checkout.


It would also be advisable to check other websites in the same line of business as yourself to gain ideas and inspiration on how to set out your own website. If you require any further assistance at this stage, please feel free to contact our Support department on 0844 774 2974, via email at, or by submitting a ticket by clicking here.