Choosing Between a Template and a Custom Designed Website

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Created On: 29 May 2007 10:36 AM


Choosing Between a Template and a Custom Designed Website

Website templates provide the basis or core elements of how and what your website and its design will appear. Templates also provide a quicker means of bringing your website ‘live’ or ‘on-line.’ However, they still involve planning, design and layout. These elements are key especially when you want a website that customers can easily navigate. This makes it easier for customers and potential customers buy your products or services.

As your online business grows, you will probably desire a more unique look to your website. Something that really captures your business vision and aligns fully with how you wish your business portrayed.

At Freestart, we give you the option of using one of our pre-built template designs or working with us to create a website that is unqiue and designed just for you. Of course, you will still be able to use the Control Panel to administrate your website whether it be a template or a more bespoke option. We will provide the technical support and necessary answers to your questions. However we require you to provide the work, energy and effort to get your website going. Call our Sales Department to discuss your options at 0870 741 5296 or visit