3 Popular Ways An Affiliate Can Earn Money

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3 Popular Ways An Affiliate Can Earn Money

There are 3 popular ways that affiliates can earn money. They are:

  1. Pay Per Sale

    Pay Per Sale is the most common type of affiliate marketing programme. With this type of affiliate marketing, you refer visitors from your website to the merchant’s. When the visitor clicks on your link, they are transported to the merchant’s website. Should the visitor buy something from the merchant, you are also credited with that sale. These credits are often in the form of commission (percentage of sale).

    The major advantage with Pay Per Sale is if a visitor purchases a large ticket item from the merchant (a £20,000 plasma TV). Your commission could be very high.

    The major disadvantage is that if that same person returns the £20,000 plasma, you would have a reversal of the commission.

  2. Pay Per Action

    Pay Per Action programmes offer their affiliates payment when customers install, download or use a product or service that the seller is offering. Such companies as virus or software companies or music download services follow this model.

    The major advantage of using a Pay Per Action Programme is that visitors don’t necessarily have to BUY. They just have to install or download.

    The major disadvantage (although minimal in most G8 countries) is that the customer’s hardware (computer) may not be able to meet the product (software) requirements.

  3. Pay Per Lead

    Pay Per Lead is very lucrative and ONLY requires you to bring traffic to the seller’s website. You don’t have to sell any hard good such as iPod’s or plasma televisions, however, you still have to be able to drive potential buyers to the seller’s website.

    However, there are some qualifying characteristics of a Pay Per Lead Programme. For example, if your prospect didn’t fill in a complete form (lack of name or telephone number) you won’t be credited for the lead. Also, if you advertise somewhere outside the region or location that the company does business, then you may not be credited with the lead. Read and ask questions as to what qualifies a good lead and to what geographical locations you may be restricted.

    The major advantage of Pay Per Lead is the conversion rate can pay better than Pay Per Sale.

    The major disadvantage of Pay Per Lead is that some prospects may not fill in the on-line form properly and will disqualify you from receiving credit.

As an affiliate marketer you have many choices on how you wish to earn your affiliate income. Each has its merits and their flaws. Only through proactive testing and research will you as an affiliate marketer be able to determine what’s right for you.

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