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 White Papers - Why You Need to Write One

White Papers - Why You Need to Write One

A white paper is a document that can outline many aspects of your company, its strategy, its products with an emphasis on how that strategy or product can help other businesses and general consumers with problems they want solved.

For example, an anti-virus company may write a white paper on the global threat of viruses. They might commission a writer to do background research on the threats faced today with our increasing on-line presence.

At the end of the white paper, the company will include a brief description of their company and what they did/doing to help solve the problem.


  1. Creates credibility
  2. Creates an expert level opinion
  3. Let’s customers know what your business can do for them

A white paper will create credibility because it allows consumers to read what threats are out there and what they can do to prevent the spread of computer viruses on their computer systems.

This creates a tremendous amount of goodwill because the information is useful. As a result of this information being useful, it also creates an expert level opinion. Useful information equals valued opinions.

Your customers will reward you by visiting your website and will also buy from you. By writing a white paper, you are creating valuable information and customers will sign up to read more about what you have to say on your topic.

Your customers will know what your business does and what it’s doing to combat viruses by your white paper.

Search engines will pick this up as well because you are adding new content. Your website will benefit because if you are continually adding fresh content, the search engines will want to index your website to help ‘spread the word.’

While white papers won’t solve all of your marketing requirements, they will help establish you and you company as an entity that brings valuable information to the consumer with an eye on solving their problems.

It is an emphasis on solving your customer’s particular problems that will ensure the success of your white paper; not trying to sell your solutions. It is only through focusing on the customer will your white paper earn credibility, trust and an expert level opinion.

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