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 3 Ways To Achieve Pay Per Click Advertising Bid Management

3 Ways To Achieve Pay Per Click Advertising Bid Management

When marketing on the Internet, you have a number of tools available to you. One such tool is Pay Per Click Advertising.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) advertises business through the use of keywords or phrases when performing a search through a search engine. The advertiser only pays for each click that sends a visitor to their website.

PPC can be very costly and time consuming if you don’t maintain or establish a budget. However this can be prevented if you implement a bid management process.

Your PPC bid management process can be achieved by:

  1. Identify Your Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC)
    Your Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) is what you’re willing to pay for your keyword or phrase. This is very important. For example, let’s say you buy and sell antique pens. There has been a resurgence of writing and especially writing with antique pens. You know the available dealers on the Internet and suddenly there’s a bidding war. By identifying your maximum cost per click, you won’t go over budget.
  2. Identify Your Conversion Rate (CR)
    Your CR is the actual visitor amount per sale. For example, if you have no visitors, you won’t have a sale or a CR. When your visitors and sales pick up, you can get an accurate reflection on just how much it is costing you to convert your visitor into a paying customer. This will also help you determine what your overall pay per click bid amounts should be for those particular keywords or phrases.
  3. Start Your PPC Campaign In One Search Engine
    You may also wish to have PPC campaigns for the 2 largest search engines: Google and Yahoo! For example, you can start with Yahoo! and see how your campaign works with the Yahoo! search engine. When you are successful, you can bring your campaign to Google with their PPC programme to help increase your success even further.

Once you are successful in your keywords or phrases, you bidding strategies will also increase. Make a note from the beginning (keep a journal or a notebook) of your successes or what didn’t work. This will allow you to re-visit what didn’t work and see if that strategy would work now. Also, if you have multiple websites, you can track which ones are successful and if necessary, which websites you can sell. That way, you’re maximising your website strategies and jettisoning your unprofitable websites.

Pay per click bid management is an effective means of promoting your website while maintaining your eye on your margin.

Pay-per-click bid management will only be successful if you develop the strategies necessary to have a successful website.

However, PPC won’t help you if you have a poor sales page and a poor checkout. By creating a fully functioning and easy to navigate website, you’ll be way ahead of your competition and on your way to online website business success.

At Freestart, we understand how necessary it is to have a hassle free checkout and an easy pay system. Visit to find how we can help your customers buy.

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