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 Setting up Images as Links

This guide is only applicable for images on information pages and will only link to pages within the site NOT to external sites.

1) Upload the image you require to the designated area on you website using the usual image upload method. (The image upload guide can be found here)
2) Access your website through the address bar (NOT the view site button) and navigate to the page you would like the image linking to.

3) Once on the required page you will need to copy part of the URL (domain name) You will need to copy the end part e.g. info.php?p=2&pno=0 (this will vary depending on what page you would like to link to)

4) Once you have copied this section you will need to go back to the image you just uploaded within the control panel and then you will need to paste the link you took from the desired page into the “image link section”  and then click the “update” button this will then finalise the link.

5) Go to you website and test the link, the image should now link through to the page of your choice.

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