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 Using Blogging as a Means of Free Advertisment

Using Blogging as a Means of Free Advertisment

In the past, people used to have diaries. A blog is an on-line diary. Blogs have also become an excellent way of promoting your business (whether on-line or physical). A blog connects you with and a larger audience. Let’s say you sell ladders on-line and you have a physical store. You can talk about special sales events that occur at your physical store as well as special discounts by ordering your products on-line.

Your blog could also be a focal point for the construction industry and which ladders suit that market as well as the home consumer market and which ladders are best for the consumer. You may also wish to rate the ladders and give a recommendation as to what ladder best suits which task.

Your blog is a statement about you, your service and everything in between. Client feedback may also become a staple of your blog and their suggestions may be incorporated into your business model.

Two very large internet businesses that have taken this business model and turned it into their profit advantage is Amazon and EBay.

Amazon has a rating system that provides a “People buying this book also bought this” and provides discounts if you combine the offer. What an excellent way to market similar products and the best part is that it requires very little effort.

EBay has also incorporated a rating system for its sellers. Vendors who have a low rating typically don’t stay in business for long, thus making your ranking (read: reputation) very valuable and worth protecting.

Blogging provides a cheap and easy way to let your customers know what is going on with your on-line presence as well as provides a link between humanity and technology. Exploiting this fact will keep your on-line presence profitable.

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