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 How to Set Up Opera Mail

Opera is a combined web browser and email client (among a variety of other useful applications) and is becoming a common desktop application due to the flexibility it offers. This article shows how easy it is to set up your Freestart mail account within the Opera software. Please note that this guide only covers Opera 10 which is the latest version at the time of writing.

1. Once you have opened Opera, click on "Tools" at the top of the window and select "Mail and Chat Accounts..." from the list.

2. If you do not have any previous email accounts active within Opera, the following prompt will be displayed. Simply confirm that you are ready to set up the email account by selecting "Yes".

3. From the available options of what account you are looking to create, please select "E-mail".

4. When asked, enter the following details:
4.1 "Your real name", which is your display name for the email address.
Enter your email address in the box labelled E-mail address.
4.3 Enter your Organisation in the required field (optional)
5. Click on "Next".

6. On this next page, enter the following details:
6.1 Where asked for your login name, please enter the email address.
6.2 Enter the corresponding password for your account in the required field.
6.3 Ensure that the e-mail account type is set to "Regular e-mail (POP)"
7. Click "Next".

8. Again, enter the following information where prompted:
8.1 Set your incoming mail server to "mail.YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME"
8.2 Un-check the option of "Leave messages on server". This will prevent your mailbox becoming full and no email being received once
8.3 Set your outgoing mail server to "mail.YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME"

*Note - if you obtain Internet access through Orange or any mobile ISP (via a USB dongle or mobile connection), you will need to enter your ISP's Outgoing (SMTP) server instead. You may need to contact your ISP for this information directly.

9. Click "Finish".

Congratulations, your email account should now be successfully active within Opera Mail.


*PLEASE NOTE: We do not primarily provide support for any non-Freestart branded applications. Use of Opera Mail is entirely at your own choice and, whilst we may be able to reference the required login/server information, we cannot always provide optimal support regarding troubleshooting/tutorials for this application via our telephone support line. Please refer to Operas website/troubleshooter for further help with the application.

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