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 Backing Up Emails Through Web Mail

This article will assist you with creating a backup of your emails stored on your Web Mail account. It is strongly recommended for all of our customers, and anyone in general, to back up any important information anyway for peace of mind.


Backing up the email itself

To backup your email, right click on the subject of the email to bring up the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot below.

This screenshot displays the dropdown menu for Mozilla Firefox. You will need to select the option marked "Save Link As...", however this may be named slightly different depending on the browser you use. This option is named "Save Target As..." within Internet Explorer, however it will perform the same action. You will then be presented with a box resembling the following screenshot, which may differ depending on your operating system.

From here, you can enter a name within the File Name box to identify your email, choose the location on your computer to save the file to, ensure the Save as Type box is set to "HTML Document", and finally hit the Save button to complete the process.


Backing up your email attachments

Even though the above steps outline saving a copy of the email contents, you will need to seperately save any enclosed attachments in the email. To do this, click on the subject of the email to load up the email contents. You should have an attachment icon located to the far right as displayed in the screenshot below (this may differ slightly depending on the theme you have set within Web Mail).

Upon clicking on the icon, you will be presented with a list of the attachments enclosed in your email. Click on each one in turn to be prompted to either Open or Save the file directly to your computer.

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