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 CSV Upload
Solution A CSV file is a means for importing data from one website to another. In most cases you will have a file in the format example.csv that you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc. This will let you edit the file as a standard spreadsheet with rows of products and the product information such as the name and price appearing in columns.

Once modification have been made it would then be saved as a CSV file ready for importing.

The ability to upload CSV files is not available by default but is a free feature that is available on request. Please click here to enquire about getting this facility added to your control panel and we will advise you further.

Once the facility is in place you will need a CSV file that is in a compatible format. We will usually check your first CSV file to ensure it will work correctly. Please refer to the guide below for details on the best format for a CSV file:

Click here to download an example CSV file organised ideally for uploading the stock to your website. We will require one CSV file per page.

Click on the thumbnails below for reference to the below points:



Here is a breakdown of all sections outlined in the above file/screenshots (sections marked with an asterisk * are optional depending on your web page preferences. You can omit these fields completely if you do not wish to use them):

 NOTE: If a CSV file is opened as a spreadsheet then the following sections will relate to columns in the spreadsheet.

1. Product ID - The unique product ID, which is compulsory for each product. This cannot consist of characters other than letters and numbers, and must not exceed 20 characters.

2. Product Name - Individual Product Name

3. *Category - The category you wish to have the product listed in. This is only applicable if you wish to categorise your items within the page. If you do have categories set up on your page but do not specify the category in the CSV, your item will default to the Show All category.

4. Price - The base price of the product. Enter this in your CSV file as numbers only, including the decimal point for pence and excluding the currency symbol.

5. *Short Title - This is only applicable for Premier 3 and Facebook Store packages and replaces the product ID that is displayed in the carousel at the top of the page.

6. *Stock Quantity - Enter the number of stock you have for this item in this field. If you dont want to use stock control on specific products, simply leave the field blank.

7. *Product Link - If you wish for your products to bypass the shopping cart built into our Buegle Stores completely, you can provide a link directly to the product on your own website. Therefore, your customers will be directed straight to your own shopping cart instead to complete the purchase. This will be sitewide and for best results we dont recommend mixing and matching products with internal and external product links.

8. *Product Introduction - This is a brief description of your product and is displayed only if More Info is enabled within page settings for the page. You can supply HTML code for this field.

9. Product Description - The main bulk of text that appears on the item itself. You can supply HTML code for this field.

10. *Product weight - Enter the weight in kg's here. For example, if the product weighs 500g, enter 0.5 in the field for this item. Please click here for more information on how the postage can work on your web page.

11. *Option Name - The name for your stock item option/s for such as colour, shoe size etc. Up to three options are supported per product and each option should be a separate column in your file with the title Option 1 Name, Option 2 Name etc. Please leave the field blank or don't include the column if you do not intend to use all three options.

12. *Option Values - This is only applicable to list types. Please separate each of your options with a semi colon ; to help distinguish between them within the CSV file. If you are utilising a text type option, you can leave this box blank. Please click here for more information on utilising stock item options.

13. *Images - Each item can facilitate one image by default, however you can potentially have up to five if More Info is enabled within page settings. You will need to specify the full URL of the image or the directory/location including full file name if you are specifying the image files along with your CSV file.You do not need to specify all five image fields if you do not intend to have this many images for each of your items. NOTE: If more than 1 image is specified per item the CSV file would need to be uploaded by developers and cannot be done through the CSV file interface in the control panel.

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