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 Setting Up Carousel, Featured Products, and Special Offers

One of the main benefits of our Premier 3 platform ensures that you have more control over the visibility of stock items/services you have uploaded to a stock page. There are three main sections within a Premier 3 website where you can display your products:

(1) The Carousel - the central section that appears just after the header and allows visitors to scroll through products a few at a time.

(2) The Featured Products - displayed in a list on the right. Usually two are visible at any time, however these cycle through different products as you navigate through the site.

(3) The Special Offers - also displayed in a list on the right and are literally the same as Featured Products, just with a different title.



To specify any of your products to be part of the Carousel, Featured Products, or Special Offers sections, you will need to add the following codes straight after your product name within the name box for your items:

Carousel - {cfp}
Special Offers - {so}
Featured Products - {fp}


*Note - you will need to ensure that you use curly brackets exactly as above and not the usual brackets as this will not work.

You can even specify one product as a combination of Carousel, Special Offers, and Featured Products at a time to make it display in up to all three areas of the Premier 3 website. For example:



This item will then display as a Special Offer product and within the Carousel as well. It does not matter which order you place {cfp}, {so}, or {fp} in when using a combination.

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