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 Utilising Basic Postage And Packaging Options

The Basic Post & Packaging mode allows easy to use functionality of postage throughout your website. Please follow these steps to apply one of the basic methods available to you:


1. From within your Control Panel, navigate to Webstore (1) and click on the Webstore Settings icon (2).



2. Depending on your website package, you may not have the option to choose between Basic and Advanced modes (3). In many cases, Basic Postage will be set as default. You then have the option of selecting four different types (4).



3. Here is a run down of how you can utilise each of the four postage types. For options ii, iii, and iv you will need to enter the respective value in the values box (5):

i) None - no additional postage fee's will apply to any of your products.

ii) Per Order - you can specify one set postage fee for customers to pay regardless of how many items an order may consist of. You will need to specify the price excluding the currency symbol and including the decimal point if the postage cost goes into pence.

iii) % of Order Cost - the postage for the order will be a specific percentage of the total consigned order. You will just need to enter the number within here excluding the percentage symbol. For example, the order comes to £100 and the postage is set to 25% of the order. Therefore, the total amount would be £100 + £25 = £125.

iv) Free P&P Threshold - you can specify a set postage fee for your website orders up to a specific amount, which is then exempt from postage costs after this amount. To set this up, enter the set postage amount for orders on your website (excluding the currency symbol and including the decimal point if the cost goes into pence). Next enter the less than symbol "<" followed by the order subtotal you wish to cease providing the set postage cost.

For example, if you enter 5<100 into the values box this will charge £5 to every order with a subtotal up to £100. Anything over £100 will therefore be exempt from any postage costs.


If you wish to obtain further control over the postage on your website, please feel free to review the article on utilising the advanced postage options by clicking here.

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