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 Buegle Bargains I - Introduction

Buegle Bargains is a new facility we offer under the Buegle brand that allows for an easy method of offering your customers and website visitors the option to redeem a discount offer for one of your services or products online and offline.  The facility ties in with the Freestart Control Panel in that it allows you to dedicate one (or more) of your available pages to showcasing a list of offers on your website or Buegle Store.

Buegle Bargains displays on your page (or pages) as a small carousel.  Here is a run down of how the ordering process works (click on the thumbnails to view the full size images):

i) This is the carousel of the offer preview.  If you have multiple offers set up, you can use the left and right arrows to scroll through the offers.

ii) Accompanying each offer is a View button that displays the offer in its entirety in a window.

iii) Clicking on Buy Now! for the offer will then take you to a registration form allowing you to submit your order.  Payment for Buegle Bargains is currently handled through the PayPal payment gateway.

iv) The customer will then receive an email confirming the order along with an enclosed PDF file that can be printed and then presented at the function or location you are attending.

v) The form will contain a QR code that needs to be scanned using a compatible mobile device.  You will then be taken to a login screen, to which you can enter your credentials and validate the offer for your customer.  This prevents missuse of the same offer from different customers, which will display in the eventiality of this happening.

vi) If you do not have a mobile device to hand, you can still validate the offer through the Buegle Bargains section of the Freestart Control Panel.  This section will present your with invaluable information on your offers, including details on vouchers that have already been redeemed and those that are currently pending.

Now that you understand how Buegle Bargains works, please click here to view the next article in the series to learn how to apply and set the facility up from within your control panel.

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