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 Part II: Applying Sections to Your Website

Once you have purchased the Sections add-on and they have been activated on your website, you will then need to enable the feature through your Control Panel.

Navigate to Site Settings to discover a new heading for Sections Settings with the drop-down menu allowing you to enable/disable sections on your website.

Choose "Yes" from the list and click the Update button to save your changes.

The Page Builder

With sections enabled, you will now have two tabs at the top of your Page Builder page labelled Pages and Sections.

You will need to have some pages set up before you can start creating the sections on your website. To create your pages, click on the Pages tab and you will see the standard Page List, which will allow you to create and modify pages for your website as usual.

Creating Your Sections

Navigate to Page Builder in your control panel and click on the Sections tab at the top of the page. If this is the first time you have loaded the page after having Sections enabled, you will be prompted to add some sections. There are two ways you can go about creating your Sections: manually or automatically. Please click the headings below for a run-down of how to do this.

1. The Manual Method (Recommended For More Control)

Click on the Add New button located towards the bottom right of the page and the Section Settings page will load.

The Section Name (1) will be the name of your Section as it appears on your website. For example, you could name the Section as "Footwear" and then specify pages for Shoes, Boots, Sandles, etc so they appear in the list when you hover over the button on the website. Dont worry too much about specifying pages at this stage as we will come back to this later.

The Type (2) allows you to select the page type heading that you wish to have the Section appear under. Your Section Type can be set to either appear under the heading for Information, Gallery, or Stock on your website. Using our example of Footwear as mentioned previously, you may decide to have this Section under Stock (assuming you want to sell products from the pages within the Section).

Once you are happy with the Section Name & Type, simply click the Update button to finish creating your section. You can repeat the process to set up further Sections on your website.

2. The Automatic Method (Recommended For A Quick Setup)

If you look towards the bottom of the Sections list, there will be an option to create a button from a page.

Clicking on the drop-down list will present you with a list of all pages currently on your website. Simply select the page from the list that you want to have as your section and click the Create button. For example, if you have a stock page on your website titled "Products", selecting this page from the list will create a Section under a heading for "Product Sections" (more on this shortly). This will also set the chosen page as a Landing Page for the Section automatically (this is covered in more detail in part III).

Modifying Your Sections

You can modify any Sections you have created and even delete them completely after setting them up. To do this, return to the Page builder and select the Sections tab. Your sections will now be displayed in groups depending on which Section Type you specified previously.

If you have more than one Section set up under one group, you can reorder them simply by dragging and dropping the Section to the desired position using your mouse.

You can click on the Settings icon to the right of your Section to alter the name of your Section at any time. You can also delete the section completely by clicking the Delete button to the far right.

*Note - You will not be able to change the Section Type once created, only the Section Name. Additionally, deleting a Section will not remove the Pages and associated content within the Section.

Congratulations! Your Sections are now set up and ready for having pages applied to them.

Please click here to visit the final chapter of the Sections guide to learn how to specify pages to your Sections.

If you still need help with setting up your Sections, please dont hesitate to contact our Support Department directly for more advice. Please place a support ticket by clicking here, emailing, or calling our support line on 0844 774 2974 and one of our dedicated advisors will happily help to steer you in the right direction with creating and using your Sections.

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