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 5 Tips For Maximizing Your On-Line Newsletter

5 Tips For Maximizing Your On-Line Newsletter

As an on-line or off-line business, steady contact with your customers is important. In fact, many customers report that they wouldn’t have known that you were having a spectacular sales event if you hadn’t bothered contacting them. They received the news through your printed newsletter. However, what about your Internet customers? How do they know what you’re selling? Here are some tips on maximizing your on-line newsletter.

Tip #1: Create An On-Line Newsletter
This may seem obvious; however, you’d be surprised at the amount of merchants that fail to implement a newsletter on their website. The best way to do this is mention the fact that you have an on-line newsletter and if they prefer, they could sign up and receive your newsletter through their e-mail and as a result, they can save paper and be environmentally friendly.

Tip #2: Make Your Newsletter Worthy of Reading
We all know the value of good content. We often skim whatever we are reading and pull out the facts or news that we find relevant. The same thing applies to your customers. If they don’t find anything important in your newsletters, they most likely will delete it. After several non-informative relevant newsletters, they will ask if they can unsubscribe or ‘opt-out’ of the newsletter.

Tip #3: Ensure Your Customers Can ‘Opt-Out’ of Your Newsletter
Ensuring that your customers can ‘opt-out’ of the newsletter, ironically will create just the opposite effect. Your customers will perceive that they are in control and barring that they aren’t offended or your newsletter turns out to be very boring, they’ll most likely never ‘opt-out’. This will give you tremendous opportunities to sell to them.

Tip #4: Track What Your Customers Buy
This is a very important step when mining your mailing list. If you keep track of what your customers buy, you can get an image of their spending habits and what they like. You can also begin to make suggestions. For example, if your customer bought 3 mid-height ladders, you can make suggestions of paint, curtains or other products that you believe might appeal to this customer.

Tip #5: Keep Your Customers Wanting More
When we think of enduring sources of information we think of BBC, Time or National Geographic. They are enduring because they have been able to capture the hearts and minds of their readers and viewers. They achieve this by making their stories engaging, lively and fresh. You can do the same. Make your newsletter engaging, lively and fresh and your business will flourish.

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