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 Website Copy – The Good, The Bad and The No Sale (Part I)

Website Copy – The Good, The Bad and The No Sale (Part I)

The Good

When you click on a webpage, you inevitably either see a picture or get your attention through the website’s copy. That is, the words, phrases or expressions that grabbed you and made you curious enough to read and more importantly continue to read.

If your website copy isn’t doing its job of bringing value to your customers while maintaining your objective of selling, then your business is lost. Here’s a list of what to look for when writing for your website:

How’s It Written
Is it active voice present tense or is it passive? For example, “This product outperforms the other product 10 times (active)” or “This product performed well in its tests” (passive).

Image and Picture Integration
Do your words and pictures match? For example, if your words don’t match what your customer is seeing then this places a disconnect between what they read and what they are viewing.

Getting Listed in the Search Engines
Are you listed in the search engines? For example, if you type: link: (where yourdomain YOUR domain name)
You will see the list of links that link to your website. If you see fewer that 5, that means that you have limited amount of website traffic linking to your website, thus reducing the amount of people who actually see what you are offering.

The best part about this is that your website doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain once you have planned the website from initial concept to your objectives. Having a website just to ‘sell stuff and make money’ won’t cut it. In the next article we’ll discuss the bad and what to avoid.

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