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 Website Copy – The Good, The Bad and The No Sale (Part III)

Website Copy – The Good, The Bad and The No Sale (Part III)

The No Sale

In Part II we looked at The Bad when it comes to website copy. However, in this final instalment we will look at the ultimate business killer: The No Sale.

The No Sale is very simple to diagnose, yet elusive at times to fix. Your website starts off well, it’s designed well, the layout is accessible, the buttons and categories make sense, you have a site map, outlined your website’s privacy policy and the search engines are picking you up. You’ve even checked your shopping cart process and everything works. However, you don’t have any sales, what’s going on?

When it comes to e-business, your website is paramount. However, just as important is what you’re marketing what you’re selling. After the website is up and running, your main focus is marketing. Many website owners believe that once they have search engine recognition that’s it. No more marketing involved.

The reality is nothing close. You actually have to spend more time marketing now (assuming everything is working with your website). How do you achieve this?

Join a forum.
Look for forums and take a look around. Be careful. Some forums restrict the blatant advertising of products or services. Many of these forums prefer information more along the lines of “I saved $480 by taking advantage of this website’s promotion”. Take a look at their rules and regulations. This will save you the time and trouble of being rejected and possibly banned.

Write an article.
Articles are excellent ways to announce your products or services and their benefits. You wouldn’t write ‘This website has this. Go and buy something NOW.’ You would write something more along the lines of, “8 Ways To Buy A Better Handbag”. This way those people who are searching for handbags will get valued information and will be able to know that your website offers excellent information and carries better products.

Get Involved In Your Community.
Your community offers untapped opportunities for you to develop business relationships. Depending on your product or service, your fellow business owners may require your products or services. If they don’t know what you offer, then you won’t be able to sell to them. Don’t settle for just donating a product or service. This will translate into, “Thanks.” And no sales. Period. Get active.

Your website seems to have taken all the elements of what a traditional business would have. In fact, your website is no different than what a traditional business requires: you need customers, a compelling reason for them to buy (benefits) and easy way for them to access your products or services.

Don’t be a victim of The No Sale. See how these ideas fit into your website plans.

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