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 Keeping Your Site Updated

Keeping Your Site Updated

The Internet is constant flow of information. Take for example, YouTube and MySpace. These areas have a constant flow of video and other feeds. Without updated and new content, these sites would flounder.

The same relates to your website. To keep your website relevant, useful and fresh your content also needs to be updated. If you’re an on-line business creating a newsletter for your visitors enhances the overall value of your website and also creates a rapport with your visitor.

This beautiful piece of marketing also maintains contact with your customer base. In basic marketing, we are taught that an existing customer is easier and less costly to maintain that a new customer. Without updates to your on-line presence, your customer won’t be aware that you are offering products or services which they want. Instead they will go to wherever at that exact moment satisfies their wants.

Your customer should also have the ability to ‘opt-out’ of the newsletter. The very presence of you having this policy will put many customers at ease because they know if they don’t wish to continue subscribing, they don’t and aren’t obligated. This very piece of implied power and control creates an environment of trust.

Further, if you schedule updates or changes, these can be arranged through a focused timetable for that update or change to occur. For example, if your customer knows that you produce your newsletter every Monday, they will look and wait to receive that update every Monday.

It is also important to know what type of on-line presence you have. If you are a jewelry store, you may wish to update once a week; or if you are a manufacturer of tile, you may wish to update once a quarter about exciting industry trends.

Whatever form your maintenance takes, it is important that you create valuable and worthy content that your customers perceive as useful.

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