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 The 5 Web Pages You Need Most

The 5 Web Pages You Need Most

So you’ve decided to have a website for business. You’ve heard that it’s essential (and it is) however, you’re stuck on what a website contains and quite frankly don’t know what all the fuss is about.

The fuss is about money. The potential to make money and your chances to maximise on the Internet’s broad reach is only limited to your product or service.

Without further ado, here are the 5 Web Pages You Need Most:

  • A Home Page
    A home page is the first thing that a customer sees. If you have a dreadful homepage then you’ll have dreadful sales. Keep out the flash, glitz and image only content. Have more HTML on your webpage. Reason: Search engine ‘spiders’ don’t ‘see’ images, flash or glitz. It looks like a darkened room to these ‘spiders.’
  • FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Frequently asked questions allow your visitors to see what questions have come up from people who have visited your website. For example, someone will want to know how they may return a product to your website. Another may want to know if they can pay by PayPal or by cheque. This is your chance to politely and diplomatically tell your customers what you allow and what you don’t. FAQ’s also allow for a level of credibility and trust that you cannot buy.
  • Testimonials
    Testimonials allow your visitor to verify what other’s are thinking about your products or services. The best way to get testimonials is to ask. For example, if someone writes (emails) you and says that your product helped them, reply, thank them and ask them if you can have a direct quote. Most people will say yes just because you asked. Make sure your testimonials are valid, true and not made up. False testimonials will eventually catch up to you.
  • About Us
    The about us section is an often hurried section of a company’s webpage. It talks about what they believe, their philosophy… SO WHAT! Your customer wants to read how your company will benefit them. Use this section to give your customer the benefit’s of using your product or service while broadcasting how your particular philosophy helps your customer.
  • Order Page
    Without an order page, your customer can’t buy what you’re offering. Make this page as easy and simple to use. Test it out on the most Internet novice you know. Then have your child try. IF both of them have no problems buying, then your customer won’t either. Your order page should always be checked to make sure that the transaction processing is going to your bank account and not to someone else.

These 5 core webpages will give you your start. Shape them and mold them into your own.

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