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 Why You Must Absolutely Have A Website?

Why You Must Absolutely Have A Website?

In today’s culture, a website represents your business card – even if you don’t have a business! Your child may have a website, your neighbour may have a website and even your local place of worship has a website.

A website allows you to communicate – keep in touch with as many people as possible while at the same time minimising the cost of doing so. Can you imagine the cost of consistently printing and mailing to 2000 loyal customers every month?

A website cuts down on your total cost of postage and your everyday word processing software cuts down on physically writing out every greeting or piece of correspondence.

However, a website does the one thing that you’re always looking for: a website helps to free your time.

Your time is the most precious commodity that you’ll never be able to get back. You’ll never be able to play that magnificent round of golf, go vacationing with the family or watching your child perform in their school play if you’re constantly trying to free yourself of responsibilities.

A website is a lot of work to start. That’s the truth. The best way to look at your website is to view it as your own body. When you put the right fuel (food) in your system your body runs efficiently. You aren’t constipated, you have lots of energy and you feel great. Combine this with a little exercise and you’ll live a fairly long life. When you start feeding yourself bad food, you start to feel tired and irritable. You may gain weight and start outgrowing your favourite clothing.

That’s the same thing that could happen to your website if it gets neglected. Just like your body, a website starts to deteriorate. The pride that you showed at having a website disappears and your website suffers.

If you still have doubts about having a website, think of it as your on-line sales centre. Imagine having a system that can take your orders when you are asleep. Or a system that will allow you to take a holiday and monitor your sales if you like without asking a sales manager? Maybe you don’t want to hire and train a new employee to take your orders and to know your sales process. A website helps you be better at what you do, not what you shouldn’t. provides you with a website that will require as little maintenance as possible. You still have to maintain your website and keep it fresh with content; however 90% of the work will be done for you.

Please visit our website or call us on 0870 741 5296 and ask one of our Web Advisors how a website can help your business.

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