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 Setting Up Stock Item Options

Stock item options allow you to specify variables for each of your products on your website. You can have a total of three options enabled for each product at any one time, which can consist of two types:


i) Drop Down Box - this allows you to specify a list of options allowing your customers to select between them.

ii) Text Box - this allows your customers to provide their own specifications.

Here is an example of how they would appear on your website if utilised:



Part I - Adding The Options To Your Items

In order to add specific stock items to your products, please follow these instructions:

1. Create a stock item on a stock page and click on the blue plus to expand the Stock Item Options (1)



2. Enter the title of the option in the Name box (2) and specify whether you are using a Drop Down Box or Text Box type (3). You will then need to enter your options in the Values box (4) , dedicating each option to a separate line. You will not need to enter anything in the values box if you choose the Text Box type.

Here is an example of how it would look by utilising all three options within your control panel:




Part II - Utilising Additional Item Costs

To utilise additional item costs, you will need to enter a cost within the Price box for your item first. This will act as the starting price for the item.

There are three parts involved in the stock item option: the name, the formula, and the price. Using our example above, the name of the first option would consist of the word "Small" followed by a single space.

The formula would consist of the pipe symbol "|", which can be found by holding Shift and pressing backslash key "\" and either the plus "+" or minus "-" characters.

The price would consist of how much you wish for the starting price to increase or decrease by. You will just need to enter the number excluding any currency symbols and including the decimal point if the price goes into pence. Using the example above, here is how it would look in your control panel after you have finished applying the additional item costs to the values:



Lets assume the starting price for the item is £20. The customer selects the Size as Medium (which will add £10) and the Colour as Bronze (which will not add any additional costs). Therefore, the total cost for this item would come to £30 when added to the basket.

Using the example as a template, you can enter whatever options in there specific to your own products and prices.

Note - If you do not wish to have the price increase or decrease due to selection, please enter a zero digit regardless.

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