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 Buegle Store - Frequently Asked Questions

This article outlines some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the new Buegle Facebook Store application. Please visit for more information on the Buegle brand and other related products and services.


Q. What is a Buegle Store?

The Buegle Store is a custom application integrated into Facebook allowing you to advertise your business using the power of the worlds most popular social networking website today.



Q. What are the benefits of owning a Buegle Store?

The prime purpose of owning a Buegle Store is the social marketing potential gained from advertising within Facebook. A Buegle Store allows your customers to share and comment on your products. These can then be posted to your customers' Facebook wall, which can then be viewed by all of their friends.

This is excellent, potentially unlimited publicity for your business that relies on your Facebook friends (and theirs as a snowball effect) to do the hard work for you.



Q. I have signed up and paid for a Buegle Store. What happens next?

We will post out a receipt of your order along with our Buegle branded update form to the address you provided upon purchase.

You will also receive an email containing the initial start up information and login details to access the control panel of your Buegle Store. This will be sent to the email address you provided upon initial sign up.

We aim to build your Buegle Store within Facebook in no later than five working days. You will be able to reach the page using the below link.*Enter your domain here excluding the www. prefix and the .com,, .net, etc suffix*



Q. I have received the paperwork with the update form. What should I do next?

We provide a complimentary update service with your Buegle Store allowing us to enter a limited amount of text and imagery to your application (including your logo and colour scheme to match your business). You can either fill out the information on the form itself and return this in the freepost envelope enclosed or alternatively email this information to

We aim to complete your complimentary update in no later than 14 working days from receiving this information.



Q. I already have a website with all of the stock and information I wish to have on my FB store also. Can you simply copy this information across?

We can copy content from your other website pending written confirmation and instructions from you directly (you can either provide this request with the update form or in a quick email to

Because we enter a limited amount of information on your Buegle Store, we cannot guarantee how much content will be copied. Please provide instructions if you wish for specific information to be copied.



Q. I have a CSV file containing my stock. Can I supply this to you?

Not a problem. Please click here for more information on doing this. We do however advise placing only your best sellers/notable products on your Buegle Store as opposed to your entire catalogue initially.



Q. I have received the email with my login details and would like to get started. Do I have to fill out the form and send that back to you first?

Not at all. As mentioned above, we do provide the initial update service as complimentary only. You can get started with adding the content to your Buegle Store the instant you have your login details. Please click here for a copy of our control panel instruction manual for assistance with constructing your Buegle Store.

*Please note that we are currently re-branding the website instruction manual to reflect our Buegle platform and as such some features may differ slightly in your control panel than those illustrated.



Q. I already own a Freestart website. Do I need to fill the update form in or do anything different within the control panel?

No. The beauty of the control panel is that it integrates flawlessly into the website and your Buegle Store. Whenever you update your content in the control panel, it will update your website and Buegle Store simultaneously.



Q. Do I need to be a member of Facebook to own a Buegle Store?

No. You will however benefit by having your own Facebook account already and an understanding of how Facebook works as a social service.



Q. I would like to change the URL. Can this be done?

Here is an example:

You can change the part in red/bold to whatever you wish providing this is not already taken. It will need to consist of letters and hyphens "-" only, no numbers or special characters. It will also need to be no less than seven characters and no more than eighteen characters long.

Please click here to place a support ticket, email our support department directly at or call 0844 774 2974 stating what you would like to change this to and we will check availability.



Q. My friends are trying to bookmark/invite their friends to my Buegle Store, however a message to contact customer support appears.

We will need to set your Buegle Store with what is known as a canvas page to use this feature. Here is an example of a canvas page link:

The only visual difference is the removal of the Buegle Stores reference, however this does not affect the functioning of the application. It would be advisable to have a canvas page set before you begin marketing your Buegle Store. You can change the part in red/bold to whatever you wish providing this is not already taken. It will need to consist of letters and hyphens "-" only, no numbers or special characters. It will also need to be no less than seven characters and no more than eighteen characters long.

You can send your canvas page request through the Design Selection page of your control panel via the Facebook tab. Alternatively, please click here to place a support ticket, email our support department directly at or call 0844 774 2974.  We recommend allowing 24 hours to ensure your canvas is setup correctly, to which you will receive confirmation via email.



Q. I already have a Facebook Page (not a profile) and would like to include my Buegle Store as an application. Can this be done?

This can easily be achieved as soon as your Buegle Store has been set up with its canvas page.  You will need to log into the Buegle control panel - - and visit the Site Settings area.  From here, select the blue "Login with Facebook" button and enter your own Facebook login details when prompted.  A list of all Facebook Pages set up on your account will appear and you can instantly connect the Buegle Store with them by selecting which page you want to link to from here.



Q. I dont plan on actually selling any items through my Buegle Store. Is the service no use to me after all?

You do not need to sell items using your Buegle Store and can alternatively use the application as a brochure instead of an e-commerce driven application. Our control panel allows you to set stock pages with or without the shopping cart facility if you still wish to utilise the stock page layout or even advertise stock on your Buegle Store.



Q. How do I market my Buegle Store?

You can do this both online and offline. You can mention your Buegle Store URL in literature such as business cards, brochures, newspaper and directory adverts offline. Online, you can invite people to your Buegle Store using the Invite button on the page itself (this is only functional when you are logged into Facebook). You can also use the Internet technology to your advantage by including your Buegle Store URL in emails/newsletters, forum and blog posts, or even placing a direct link on your website itself.



Q. My Buegle Store is online however it cannot be found when searching within Facebook.

The best and quickest way to ensure people can reach your Buegle Store is to add it to the tab on the left of a Facebook Page. Because pages are picked up via search almost instantly, this ensures people can reach your store also. Follow the instructions on this point to proceed with this.

Alternatively, your Buegle Store will need to be submitted to the directory before anyone can find it.

You will need to ensure that you have invited and/or at least ten people have bookmarked your page. You need to have at least ten monthly active visitors as a result of this and will also need to ensure there is a decent amount of content within your page itself. Your monthly active visitors count can be found by clicking on the grey application name link located at the bottom left of your Buegle Store.

Please click here to place a support ticket, email our support department directly at or call 0844 774 2974 to place your submission request providing these terms have been met.*

*Please note that submitting any Facebook Application is not an instant process and needs to be manually approved by Facebook as per their terms and conditions. Freestart cannot guarantee when your Buegle Store will be found and accept no responsibility should Facebook decline the submission request if in breach of their own terms conditions.

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