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Creating Adwords / Yahoo Search Marketing Adverts

Just like small adverts that you've probably seen in newspapers and magazines. In fact, you may have responded to a few when you were looking at a particular product or service. But how do you consistently profit from small ads? How will they benefit your on-line or off-line business?

Small ads that attract and continue to attract, share common characteristics. They are:

  1. The Headline Grabs Your Attention
  2. Simple, Yet Effective Message
  3. Always Prompts an Action
  4. Make It Easy to Get the Service/Product

These 4 customer getting, sales producing, revenue building procedures when used properly and in sequence will produce sales generating leads. The question now is how do you write a small ad that appeals?

The million pound answer is RESEARCH.

Take a look at a small ad in a very popular magazine or tabloid. Get a few past issues. Make sure that the dates are spread enough that it gives you a sample time. Pick a few ads. Look for these ads over the course of those dates. Do you see any that have lasted? Chances are these ads have been profitable for the company producing them.

The next step is count how many words in the ads that you selected that have lasted. Are they less than 28 words? The word count is very important. Research indicates most people won’t read beyond 28 words when looking at an ad. 21 words is the magic number when it comes to small ads.

Here is an example of a small ad:


DO You want to save ££££ on your home renovations?
Visit now for your free report.

Let’s analyse this ad:

    This is the headline of the ad, it points out who and what the advert is aimed at.
  • "DO You want to save ££££ on your home renovations?".
    This is the the message. Who doesn’t want to save money (notice money is in the ££££ category; symbols must be used sparingly to have full effect).
  • "Visit now for your free report"
    Always Prompts an Action and Make It Easy to Get the Service/Product.

This sentence sums up the whole purpose of the add: get customers/prospects to respond. You have given an action that you want: call or email and what they are getting: a free report to save ££££.

This type of ad can be written for any product or service. However, you have to ensure that the free report is given and contains the next step (how to buy from you and receive products or services which will benefit your prospects).

Here is another example:

Tired of Your Jewellery?

Are You Looking to Get Something New? Goto Jewellery Shop to schedule your FREE jewellery appraisal. Save £££

Remember: keep your ads simple and follow the 4 rules.

  1. The Headline Grabs Your Attention
  2. Simple, Yet Effective Message
  3. Always Prompts an Action
  4. Make It Easy to Get the Service/Product

Lastly, remember to do your research. Take a look what successful ads exist and what they are saying. In fact, you may even get their report/newsletter to see what is making them a success.

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