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 Discovering Your Website Appeal

Discovering Your Website Appeal

When you’re designing your website, you have a look you wish to achieve. This look is usually geared towards the product or service you are providing. For example, a website that wants to sell several products will have images and relevant text (content) to describe the products and their benefits.

A service oriented website typically states the service offered and why this service should be used by the customer and the benefits of the service. The appearance is typically flat (meaning straight forward).

The product and service centric website will both have design elements in common:

  • Simple to navigate
  • Clear layout
  • Site map
  • Consistency

When choosing the colours of your website, experimentation will help, however avoid garish text and difficult fonts. Traditionally, Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, Tahoma and Palatino Linotype have been used for many websites. Times New Roman and Arial function well when your customers have to read long passages of text (such as your sales letter). Garamond and Tahoma are very good for shorter descriptions. However avoid mixing and matching too many fonts with each other. This will create visual disparity between what you wish to say (in your writing) and what your target audience (customer) wants. This will translate in minimal or dismal sales; definitely not what you want for your business!

Also, bear in mind that your customer came to your website in search of information. Help them by making it easy to obtain information about your company, the products or services you provide.

Avoid price lists in service related websites. Why? Because you narrow the opportunity to negotiate. For example, if you have a psychotherapist website and you automatically place £500 for 1 hour session, you’ll have very little customers. However, if you state that you would have to qualify your potential clients (to see if they fit you as well as if they want your services) with a FREE 1 hour consultation then you will most likely convert this individual into a paying customer.

Remember, the visitor to your website wants something. As a business owner, why not make it easier for them to obtain what they want, from you?

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