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 Creating Usable Website Forms

Creating Usable Website Forms

Getting your website design right the first time involves planning and proper execution. Simplicity and well-organised placement of information wins all the time. However, what happens when your website has forms that the user inputs? And then it has more forms? And more forms – all requesting the same information?

Form filling is a tedious process. Just like filling in forms for the doctor or renewing your personal information it involves a dedicated and concentrated effort. At times the questions can be ambiguous and not very specific.

Here are 3 tips when using forms:

  1. Your Customer Fills One Form
    One form to ask all the questions that you want. Depending on the level of complexity (again, the simpler the better) the customer should only fill one form. This makes the process of doing business with you a very seamless one.
  2. Ask Questions That Are Easy To Answer
    Name and email are standard form requests as well as a customer’s address and telephone number. You may also wish to ask how they were able to find your website. For example, if they used a search engine and which one, if a friend referred them, or if they randomly just arrived at your website. This allows you to informally track where customers are coming from and will allow you to target your marketing efforts better.
  3. Keep The Number of Questions Between 5 and 10
    Depending on your business, keep the number of questions down to 5 or 10. If you go beyond this number, your customer is more than likely to click away. Remember, the process of buying from you should be a very easy one with minimal barriers to prevent buying.

Forms are a valuable way of getting important customer information. Just remember to keep the number of questions between 5 and 10, ask questions that are easy to answer and keep the form to just one. These techniques will enable you to retain customers and make their visit to your website a pleasant one.

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