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 Designing Your Website To Fit Your Product Or Service

Designing Your Website To Fit Your Product Or Service

Website design theory has its 'gurus' and 'pundits'. They differ on what colour schemes to use or what layout or what setup. The reason why they differ is that old adage, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' However, if you have a beautiful website that doesn't mean that this will translate into readily available sales.

With this in mind, your website is an inanimate object with all the qualities of a living and breathing organism. Don't feed it new content and watch the visitors to your website dwindle. Don't nurture it with website maintenance and watch it wither and die and become irrelevant to the search engines.

Your website will thrive with an eye on how it's designed for the product or service you are selling. For example, if you are selling electronics the majority of customers that visit your website will already know that they are looking for. They are now looking for the best price. If you have designed your website properly and have articles and other public relations coverage then you're ahead of your competition.

If you have a handbag and accessory website, female consumers are looking for authenticity, value for her money and ease of shipping (and return policy). If you have everything in place, again you will get a reputation that you have better products and will get sales.

If you have a service such as accounting and tax service, your customers are looking for ways that you can help them save money in taxes and also will help allocate their assets better. If your website clearly explains this, once again you will have customers. Also for a service of this nature, reputation is paramount combined with an ability to save money. For example, website copy and design that says something like 'we're the best' is not going to get any hits.

If you say (and its verifiable) that you have 500 clients and aggregately you saved them anywhere from 25-45% on their business taxes with an estimated total savings of £1m, then your customer will most likely line up to start saving too.

Your customers want their problems solved. Some of them have a hard time finding a company that will help them achieve their goals.

To summarize:

  • Feed Your Website New Content
  • Nurture Your Website With Regular Maintenance
  • Understand Your Customers

Interaction with your website is just like a child. By feeding and nurturing your website, it has the potential of achieving your goals.

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