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 Search Engine Introduction
  Search Engine Introduction Introduction What is a search engine? How does a search engine affect my business? Why
 Creating Sponsored Link Adverts
  Creating Adwords / Yahoo Search Marketing Adverts Just like small adverts that you've probably seen in newspapers and magazines. In fact, you may have responded to a few when you were looking at a particular product or service. But h
 Outgoing Links - Quality Over Quantity
  Outgoing Links - Quality Over Quantity Outgoing links have been coming under fire since Google has proposed to ban and impose restrictions on ‘link farms’. You can read more about it here
 PageRank - Why Worrying About It Won’t Make Your Website Rank Higher?
  PageRank - Why Worrying About It Won’t Make Your Website Rank Higher? PageRank (PR) is an algorithm – a mathematical formula that is proprietary to Google and is used to rank web pages. This rank is based upon a scale PR0 (worse ca
 Maximising Your Website Listings Within Search Engines - The Truth About Search Engines
  If you have access to the Internet, chances are you have heard of search engines and have used one to find exactly what you are looking for online. The most popular search engine
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