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 How to set up Hyperlinks in Design Mode
 The following guide shows you how to set up hyper links (A link from one page to another).NOTE: It is advis
 Creating Email accounts in your Website Control Panel
  PLEASE NOTE: We have temporarily revoked access to this section of the control panel. In order to create new email accounts please contact our support department on 0844 774
 Logging into the Freestart Website Control Panel
  This document outlines how to log into your Website Control Panel. The Freestart Site
 Setting up Images as Links
 This guide is only applicable for images on information pages and will only link to pages within the site NOT to external sites.
 Forgotten / Changing your Control Panel Login Details
  If you have forgotten your current control panel login details, there are several available methods of revealing this information: We primarily recommend that
 Uploading Images to your Freestart Website (Overview)
 The following guide outlines how to successfully upload your images using the image uploader in the control panel. The majority of this guide relates to information page types, however the image upload process is practically the same for all page types
 Uploading More Than One Image To A Paragraph
  Information pages are organised into paragraphs. You can have multiple paragraphs on any Information page of your website, which easily allow you to organise your text and images
 CSV Upload
  A CSV file is a means for importing data from one website to another. In most cases you will have a file in the format example.csv that you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc. This will let you
 Setting Up Carousel, Featured Products, and Special Offers
 One of the main benefits of our Premier 3 platform ensures that you have more control over the visibility of stock items/services you have uploaded to a s
 Mobile Website Add-On
 With more and more people accessing websites using the Internet on mobile phones nowadays, the need for a mobile friendly website is beneficial to provide maximum flexibility to web users who are constantly on the move. Here at Freestart Plc, w
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